Tasting notes – Prieuré Lichine (Margaux) 2009 vs Phélan Ségur (St. Estephe)



To borrow a phrase from The Wall Street Journal and more lately, “the drunken cyclist” blogger, it was OTBN, open that bottle night, in our household over the weekend.  The two Bordeaux wines were chosen by hubby from our wine fridge, a Vintec, which holds about four dozen bottles.  Retirees, we are at a stage of our lives where there is not much point in storing 2000 bottles of wine.  My only fear is that the first and second growths will go off to special lunches hubby has with his mates and I will miss out on these divine wines.

Both our chosen Bordeaux wines were lush and delicious.  However, the general consensus in our small group of four, was that the Phélan Ségur, classified as a Cru Bourgeois only, and from the northern most part of the Médoc wine growing region, was smoother and more rounded than the Margaux, a higher ranked fourth growth, which had a slightly astringent taste.  Perhaps the Margaux needs more time to develop.

However, we all agreed that the 2009 Château d’Issan we’d tasted the week before, outstripped both these wines!

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