Tasting notes – Château d’Issan, a third growth Margaux


We had small family dinner party last night with devoted middle daughter and young, bachelor brother.   Hubby had minor surgery earlier this week to remove a few skin cancers on his head and ears.  This is not unusual for fair-skinned, red heads living in the sub-tropics even when great care is taken to wear hats and slop on loads of sunscreen daily.  We are living in the skin cancer capital of the world.  

The lamb roast I cooked was improved somewhat by a Nigella baked potatoes and garlic dish but enormously by the Château d’Issan we opened to celebrate the end of a rather eventful week.  To say it was smooth is an understatement.  It barely touched the sides before I realized I was having another swig.  This is not one of those wines where one misplaces one’s wineglass!  From the first glorious sip in the kitchen, I kept it by my side.

So technically speaking, what was so great about it? Well, it had wonderful balance, a rounded, blackcurrant and classic Bordeaux taste. Fine length (i.e.aftertaste) and as a Margaux, it had that typically soft Margaux taste as distinct from the more robust and strong fruit Pauillacs, and good legs, sticking to the sides of the wine glass. Lastly, it came from the excellent 2009 vintage, rated 19/20 by international judges.

Final verdict for the night – average food but superb wine and great company!

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